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  1. You must be aged 18 years or over to apply for an Age Card
  2. You must have either a Birth Certificate, Passport or GNIB Card to apply for an Age Card
  3. You must supply a colour passport photo
  4. The primary ID Document you select in your Application must be the same document as that which you produce in your local Garda Station when having your Application authenticated
  5. The name on your Application must match the name on your Primary Identification *
  6. All correspondence will be posted to the address you provided in your Application
  7. The address provided must be within Ireland
  8. Your details will be used solely for the purpose of this Application which may include contacting you should the need arise
  9. You should double check all details before submission as changes cannot be made to any details once the Submit button has been pressed
  10. Non standard Irish/English alphabetical characters will not appear on your age card
  11. Your application form will expire in 90 days and is non refundable *
  12. If paying with an Age Card voucher this will expire after 90 days and is non refundable *
    * Please refer to FAQs for further details
It is the Applicants responsibility to ensure that they are in possession of all required documentation to complete their application. By selecting the I agree button you are agreeing to these terms and conditions
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